Cause we make the best burritos in town, that's why!

Burritos are amazing. Yeah, it's, it's like the same thing as tacos, only different. And better.

Attention, putos! It's BURRITOS!

We're a ~ghost~ kitchen right now (BOOGAH-BOOGAH!) meaning we're only open for takeout and delivery. But soon, we'll open our physical location so you can come chill with us.


For the time being, grab your munchies and run them home or eat them upstairs in Porch Fried Chicken. We're all friends here.

Smoke em, if you got em.
Erh, I mean, drink em.

They say too many drinks affect your memory, man. But, at least it doesn't affect your memory, man.

It's 2021, we all need a drink, check upstairs in Porch Fried Chicken for what we got right now.




asado STEAK

plant-based pulled oats

citrus chicken

Hey, man! Tag us #boxcarhippie


Where & When?

20 4th St SE

Rochester, MN 55904

Lower Level, mmk?

Tues. to Sun. 12pm - 8pm

Hey! Double bubble! Come on,

I'll give you a ride.


(make sure to reference Boxcar Hippie in the email, otherwise, we won't know what place you're talkin' about, man)


We're so underground,

we're ghosts!

Ghost Kitchen (AKA Shadow Kitchen, AKA Dark Kitchen, AKA Underground Kitchen):

A professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery-only or take out meals.

So?! What'd'ya think?

Give us feedback-- but don't be a jerk about it,

mmmk, man?

It'll boogie-woogie on your mind!

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