About Boxcar Hippie

Cause we make the best burritos in town, that's why!

Burritos are amazing. Yeah, it's, it's like the same thing as tacos, only different. And better.

Attention, ya'll! It's BURRITOS!

You can come chill with us at our physical location cuz, yeah, we're open and ready for you!

Boxcar Hippie is known for it's cool vibes, huge burritos that pack a punch of flavor, and casual, hip atmosphere that you can't find anywhere else-- we're even better than, you know, shmit-mote-le. We use fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever we can, and we make our stuff from scratch, son! You want a bland burrito or bowl? Look somewhere else, cuz we don't do bland here.

Thanks for supporting SMALL and LOCAL, FAMILY-RUN business. And, for that, we think you're pretty fly.